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Clean air is essential to healthy living. Vacuum cleaners and ordinary air purifiers don't provide us with the best possible home environment.
The Big Power® can.

Breathing Problems

See what the United States Patent has to say about the BIG POWER®

"Some of the most polluted air you can breathe isn’t downtown, but inside your own home. Surprised? Studies from the Environmental Protection Agency show typical airborne pollutants now run two to five sometimes up to one hundred times higher indoors than out."

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

"Asthma has increased tenfold in the last 35 years. Nearly five million children in the United States are now affected".

Stamford Hospital, Stamford, Conn., and Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York, N.Y.

"House dust mites cause 25% of all allergies"

Biological Pollutants
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  • Animal Dander
  • Insect Waste
  • Fungi (molds).
  • Infectious Agents (bacteria and viruses).
  • Pollens.



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"You are our most valuable asset."


Air Treatment

"a half hour later our Daughter was breathing better, and her cough was gone. She was the little girl we haven't seen in a very long time. Our son, doesn't cough at night anymore, he hasn't used his inhalers since our purchase."

Burnside Family

Big Power® Purifies The Air. Along with purifying the air Big Power® ionizes making stale dead air come alive with freshness and purity.

Everything else filters air.

The difference between filtered air, and air that has been purified by the Big Power® is like night and day. Nothing else can do what the Big Power® will do for the air in your home.

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